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"Summer Vines" 2014, Caitlin Whitehouse

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Image of "Summer Vines" 2014, Caitlin Whitehouse
  • Image of "Summer Vines" 2014, Caitlin Whitehouse
  • Image of "Summer Vines" 2014, Caitlin Whitehouse

This original artwork is part of a series exploring the different seasons by Archery Collections own Caitlin Whitehouse. Caitlin has been exhibiting locally in South Australia for the past four years and now we are both excited to finally get these beauties up online amongst our other beautiful wares.

This original artwork is made using hand cut paper, watercolour, gouache, felt tip pen and cotton on canvas paper.

Dimensions: Box framed, completed artwork in frame: 25.5cm L x 25.5cm W x 4.5cm D

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If you’re interested to know more about the artwork an Artist Profile is below -

My work is an observation and celebration of the familiar everyday scenes and stories in our environment done in a whimsical detailed manner. I enjoy exploring the little worlds within our world and playing with the shapes, colours and textures that make up the pattern of our landscape.

As the paper is being cut and painted it comes to life with characters and the environment, revealing more and more over time. This process allows the characters and landscape in which they reside to transcend from the familiar to assuming a strong aesthetic role within the artwork.

Within our family there are Japanese connections and Scandinavian ancestry, and the art and aesthetic of both these cultures have a strong influence on my practice. I enjoy their clean lines and strong compositional design, but also the presence of decorative folk elements and connection with nature


I make my works with tiny pin point scissors, a pen knife, watercolour, gouache, felt tip pen and cotton on canvas paper.

Sometimes I work with a preliminary sketch of an idea in a journal, but the design is never transposed onto the working paper. All of the paper cut out work is cut freehand on a blank piece of acid free paper which allows images to flow more organically. Cutting out the work can take anything from one hour to two days depending on the work.

Once the work is cut out, it is water coloured and detailed with felt tip pen and gouache and sewn onto the canvas paper with cotton.

The large blocks of watercolour are painted onto the canvas paper directly either freehand or with a stencil.